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All of the Above

New York, NY 2016

handcrafted ceramic blocks

How a sinner is beloved at the same time. A criminal, may be a mother. A father, a childDevoted and negligent. A friend, an enemy. Proud, yet humble.

"I chose faithful because in life I believe that what you put out comes back to you, so you should always be good and committed to whatever you do or whoever you come into contact with. I chose oblivious because sometimes I can be quite naive and hokey. And I chose devoted because I put all of my good energy towards those who devote that same energy back to me."

"I was guilty first, but found out that I am mightily Beloved by God. Still am a perpetrator, unworthy. I continue to remind myself I am worthy and want to live always thankfully, overwhelmed because of grace."

"Strong because I survived from being a Somalian refugee. Strong and survivor both. I am a leader because my friends say I am decisive. I can take the lead - I take the lead all the time. Independent? I like to do my own things. Because I make my own decisions instead of relying on someone else to make decisions for me."

“I don’t know if it’s bad, but I don’t take credit for things. I think that’s why I say I’m humble. Also, I just think I don’t like to take credit for things. Restless because I’m super anxious all the time. I’m like extremely anxious. Leader is something – that’s something new to me this year. It’s a work in progress. Why am I sincere? That’s hard. I think that’s the way I act. Sometimes I could be bluntly honest, but sincere sounds like you’re complimenting people and you mean it.”

"A friend because it’s really important for me to have a network of friends and be a friend. Unique because I’m not normal. I’m just the right amount of crazy. I’m devoted to the things that matter to me."

"I see myself as a child, still naive and learning; I want to be seen as a leader, confident and assertive; I am seen as an enemy, a young, brown male. At the end of the day, no matter how I'm perceived, I live my life as righteous as I can."

“I chose honest and loyal because I think those are two qualities that really are at the root of who I am. At least I think so. I chose majority because I have been reflecting about myself as a white, hetero, cis-gendered, educated woman, and I guess I just felt that was the closest to representing that space. Recently, I was in a bit of a dark place so I chose legitimate and human as basically reminders to validate myself and have compassion with myself.”

“It’s what I’ve been told I am, what I strive to be, and how to overcome. Independent – what I strive to be, sinner - what I’ve been told I am, and the last two [fair and resilient] - how to overcome.”

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